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Ok, I've fixed some download links so you should be able to download some which didn't work before.


 Download  Size  Description
 DF2 Demo  36MB  The latest playable Delta Force 2 Demo - Runs in 32 bit mode - Supports and utilizes AGP video cards
 DF2 Demo MP Patch  2MB  Allows you to play over the internet with other gamers (Password= squadplay).
 DF2 Trailer Movie  22MB  Watch the Delta Force 2 start-up Movie.
 IP4DF2  2MB  WINDOWS 98 ONLY- A very useful and quick program to use. Stores IPs of NovaWorld games and allows you to enter with the click of a button.
 Roger Wilco  355kB   Like VON but less glitchy and is a seperate program to the game.
 df2upd8.exe  8.83MB  Latest DF2 Update.
 DF2 Map Editor  100kB  Good map editor- cool features are unlocked.
 DF2 Map Manager  1.5MB  A program that lets you manage which maps to host.
 FWO Raven's 3DI Viewer  96kB  This is how you make skins. It lets you view the 3di and .obj files. You can also view and import bmp images.
 No SAW Mod  8kB  Disables all SAWs in the server. You need to download this to play on the No SAW servers as it is a client/server Mod.
 Sniper Only Mod  8kB  Only allows the Barret .50 and M40. You need to download this to play on the Sniper Only Mod servers as it is a client/server Mod.
 DF2 ICQ Skin  72kB  ICQ skin
 DF2 Winamp Skin  122kB  Winamp skin
 DF2 Anti Cheat Patch  510kB  Anti Cheat Patch for designated matches
 DF2 EXP 2 Expansion  20MB  The EXP 2 mission and map pack to enhance online gaming
 QuickTime plugin


 The plugin to view Flash QuickTime movies




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