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Is your match fair?

Ever been in the situation where there are 2 or 3 times more players on the other team? Well it depends on what game type you are playing that gives you the advantage, or disadvantage.

Team Deathmatch

In a TDM game, your main objective is to get at least one kill before you die and respawn again. With more people on the other team, there is more to kill providing more chance of multiple kills before death. Obviously one on a team can't have it's advantages of team play but only 2 or 3 can whip a large opposing team of 6 or more. That is assuming all players on both teams are equally skilled.

Attack & Defend / Search & Destroy

In A&D or S&D, more is best. The more on your team, the more chance of getting through to the enemy base and destroying targets.

Team King of the Hill / Flagball / Capture the Flag

In these game types more is also best, as more people on your team can gain time/capture flags etc.





NovaWorld Offical Squad

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