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New look! Saturday,November17, 2001 by Psyker
I've finally found some time to redesign the website making it as user friendly as possible. There may be bits I have missed but generally I have checked everything works.

Please send some comments to me

Site update Saturday,August4, 2001 by Psyker
Content list improved, transparent images, floating image, page overlaps corrected, bookmark us, resolution detect, HTML cleaned on every page, improved equipment page, join form made inactive and in-game screenshots added.

More coming soon

Additions to site Wednesday,June25, 2001 by Psyker
Added pages + features: Cheaters list, combo box for map download selection, 'last updated' matches page to see how up-to-date upcoming match list is, match fairness page (link from matches page). I will be making walkthrus of single player missions shortly.

Come back soon and see what's changed!...


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NovaWorld Offical Squad

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