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System Requirements:

· PC CD-ROM, Windows® 95, 98, NT (DirectX™ 3.0 or greater)

· CPU: Minimum - Pentium ll, Celeron, or equivalent

· Memory: 64 MB

· CD-ROM Drive: Quad Speed

· Video: SVGA video card (PCI or AGP recommended)

· Mouse


Hardware Supported:

· Sound Cards: Windows compatible

   Voice-Over-Net (VON) requires full duplex sound card

· 32-bit D3D compatible card required for Direct 3D support- these include TNT, TNT2, and ATI Rage Fury (DirectX 6.0 requred for Direct 3D support)


Multiplayer Requirements:

· Windows 95, 98, NT

· Internet play: Up to 50 simultaneous players

   Free via NovaWorld servers (Internet service provider required)

· LAN play: 16 players, IPX/ODI network adapter required. DirectX 5.0 or greater for LAN support




NovaWorld Offical Squad

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