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Assorted Screenshots    Match Screenshots


Submitted by Date Brief Description Link
Sandman *AS* 10/7/01 Sandman's favourites view
pkr *AS* 14/7/01 Psyker's screenshots view
Trol *AS* 21/7/01 Trol's screenshots view
Debris (Buddy) *AS* 4/11/01 Debris' screenshots view
PacRat *AS* 5/11/01 Pacrat's screenshots view
Zollan *AS* 2/12/01 Zollan's screenshots view
Texan *AS* 30/1/02 Texan's screenshots view

Want to submit a screenshot? Email it to me as the original *.pcx


Matches:  Friendly  Grudge

Against Date Screenshot Scores Team Photo
=CSF= 8/7/01 open open
~LAW~ 26/8/01 open open
TWB 9/9/01 open open
=SAW= 28/10/01 open open
GFR 25/11/01 open open
Lock 2/12/01 open open
#DFI 9/12/01 open open
SOS 16/12/01 open open



NovaWorld Offical Squad

  2001 *AS*