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#DFI Match Comments 9/12/01

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 Maps not received in time?


 Lag average  2 seconds
 Match start delay?  Yes
 Spawn delay?  Yes

After the 4 maps were played producing a 1-1 draw, #DFI refused a tiebreaker which *AS* requested.

On the 3rd map *AS* blew all targets but one. The #DFI base (blue) was surrounded and the box inside the building was destroyed. The waypoint on the map showed the remaining target was invisible. After the match we looked at the map closely and found the invisible target was a box inside the destroyed plane. The LAW which destroyed the plane did not destroy the box which was inside.

#DFI made insinuations of *AS* cheating, even with team gps off.

#DFI promised *AS* a rematch this time with *AS* rules, maps and server.